Monday, 25 August 2014

MAC 'Half 'N Half' lipstick and 'Stripdown' Lip Pencil | Review

So I have been LOVING this duo recently; literally to the point of where I find myself wearing this on a daily basis. These two together have become an absolute staple of mine, I just adore adore adore them!

(I didn't take a picture of my lip pencil honestly because its so blunt you can barely see the colour anyway haha oops!)
MAC Half 'N Half is a really natural nude/brown colour which literally matches and go with practically any colour clothes wise you are wearing, and that's what I love about it. Sometimes you can be wearing a bright colour on your lips, put the outfit together and then just feel it doesn't look right at all, which always sucks so much. But I haven't had that issue with this shade because it is so natural looking, it just blends so well with everything. If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram or have just seen pictures of her recently, then you would know she has being rocking that natural lip colour at the moment, and I went out myself trying to find my own version of it a couple of months ago after just loving it for so long.
This has 100% became an ultimate staple of mine now, I already know the minute it runs out that I will go out and buy it again because it's just so handy to have in your collection. Obviously MAC isn't the cheapest of brands out there, and I'm sure you could find a much more reasonably priced alternative, but in my opinion I would go the extra mile and fork out for this one. I got this for the price of £15.50 but it applies so nicely, I think its definitely worth the extra. It's so soft when you apply it, so it doesn't make your lips feel like they're going to chap or anything, which can be such a pain with some other lipsticks I own. It stays on virtually all day without really needing to apply much or top it up again later in the day, which is very convenient when I am working all day and can't really go off and reapply my lippy.
Secondly, MAC 'Stripdown' Lip Pencil, I can't say enough good things about the beauty. I had never used a lip pencil before I got this one, in all honesty I never really saw the point in them nor thought they would make any actual visible difference, but boy was I wrong. As soon as I applied this with Half N' Half I saw a major visible difference. It really made my lips look much fuller than usual, which I just thought was amazing, especially since my top lip is slightly smaller than my bottom, so now I can line the top and it blends up perfectly now. Its super easy to apply, and even if you do go slightly off your natural lip line, it wipes away easily too so now need to worry about it smudging then having the issue of reapplying concealer to cover it.
This cost me £12.50, which is quite pricey, but I totally recommend this one. Again you could probably find a high-street alternative for half the price, as it is quite an easy colour to match and find elsewhere. It's a soft brown toned colour, and it blends perfectly with Half 'N Half in my opinion, so I would totally recommend both of these two together:)
Do any of you have any staple lipsticks and lip pencils as well in your collections? If so, LET ME IN ON THE SECRET!
Thanks for reading sweets,

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