Monday, 11 November 2013

Liebster Award

Hey everyone! So super exciting news, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Hannah. I was so surprised, and really happy because it is such a good way to help get to know bloggers and help us little blogs out with people getting to know us too:)

Here is how it all works:

1. Each nominee must answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger they were nominated by
2. Choose 11 others with under 200 followers to pass the award on to.
3. Tell them about their nomination.
4. Choose 11 questions for them to answer etc...

So here we go!
What's the hardest thing you find about blogging?
I think the hardest thing for me is definitely trying to think up content that I think would be interesting for people to read, and what I would find interesting if I was the reader. It can sometimes take me a week or so to actually come up with the basic idea and then a few days to carry it out, so it does get quite challenging sometimes, but I like that too. I find the easiest way to get new ideas is simply by checking out tags, or looking at other similar styled blogs and seeing the sort of stuff they write and seeing if any of their ideas sound good, and make them your own.
If money was no object what fashion item would you buy?
Either a pair Christian Louboutin shoes or a Louis Vuitton bag. These designer's are slightly (....a lot) out of my price range, but I absolutely adore them! Whenever I see anyone with either of these, I literally feel so envious its unreal.
What is your favourite make up brand?
This was a toughie, but I think I would have to say Maybelline New York. I was going between that and Max Factor, but I finally settled. I adore Maybelline so much; its so reasonably priced (in my opinion) and the products are really good quality too, what's not to like? Both the foundation and concealer I am currently using are Maybelline, and I just love them so much, so I just knew it had to be that. You can literally get this brand anywhere, which is really good because some brands, like MAC for example, you can't get everywhere so you find yourself having to hunt them out which can get annoying. But Maybelline has always been my trusty friend, so I honestly can't see why anyone would hate them at all.
Who is your fashion idol?
I wouldn't say I have a particular fashion idol, but I really do love Mary-Kate and Ashley's style. Its so relaxed yet smart, its like the perfect combination I think! Whenever I see them in magazines, I always think they stand out and aren't afraid to look/dress differently, and I love that. I like to think that I dress in a way that makes me different from other people in the street, and when I see them, in my eyes, they do that too (obviously way better than me, but still haha) So I would have to say that I look up to them!
Dogtooth or tartan?
I really do love the tartan trend right now, but I unfortunately own nothing like that so I would have to say dogtooth. I recently purchased a skirt from Miss Selfridge that was dogtooth styled and I absolutely love it. I can literally pair it with anything and it matches; I also think that this style is perfect for autumn/winter too. I own a few dogtooth styled jumpers too and they just look so good with anything, and really make me feel wintery. Being able to pair any lipstick colour with this style too is really great as well, so no worries with thinking 'ah what if this doesn't match?!' because trust me, it will.
What are you asking for for Christmas?
I would say majority of the ideas I have said are make up orientated, so like the MAC 213 Fluff Brush, to DVD's because I love to snuggle up on Christmas just watching films all day (and eating eating eating)
What's the best beauty tip you've ever learned?
BLEND BLEND BLEND. When I was younger and I first ventured into the world of foundation and bronzer, my mum's first words were always 'Blend Paige!' because half the time I'd go to leave the house with a lovely foundation face, then a pale white neck. And ever since then, I've always made sure to blend my foundation down my neck and my bronzer, so that I have an even coverage and no orange lines around my chin/jaw line.
If you could have been born into any fashion era, what would it be?
Definitely the 40's or 50's. Every time I see pictures from back in those days, I just adore the way the girls used to dress. They wore such cute little dresses and always had their hair looking immaculate and perfectly styled, it would honestly make me so envious. I really like tight midi dresses, and when I see that they used to wear dresses like that all the time, I just love it. They all looked so beautiful and fashionable in their own way too, so everyone always looked different. I just love that Marilyn Monroe style.
What do you hope to achieve through blogging, or what have you achieved?
I haven't honestly thought about what I'd like to achieve from doing this, I really only do this because I love talking about beauty products that I have liked and just showing/giving people ideas on different fashion related items that I have purchased. I really only hope to achieve that by showing people beauty/fashion products that they haven't thought of trying before, or make up ideas, that they enjoy them and want to see more.
I think through the small time I have been blogging, I have gained more confidence in a sense. Even though I'm not physically speaking to people, you are still sharing your thoughts and opinions, and since doing blogging it has really made me more confident in doing that and not worrying so much about if people agree or if they don't.
What are your wardrobe staples?
I know this is a little cliché, but a little black dress is something everyone woman should own. They are sophisticated, but at the same time sexy. They can be worn from day time then worn for an evening meal or night out, they are just an essential in my eyes.
You can't go wrong with a pair of denim shorts in my opinion. They can be dressed down for your more casual, every day shopping look, or dressed up for a night out with a classic black blazer (also an essential!) and they still look fab.
A clutch bag is also a must. Every woman should own at least one, so that when they evening comes around you have that little bag which can hold your lipstick, phone, little bit of money and keys and just look amazing against any outfit you want.
A pair of flats (be it dolly shoes, pumps anything flat!) because sometimes you really don't want to wear even the slightest of heel, so flats are always a must have in case of emergency!
Statement jewellery is a major essential too, seeing as in my opinion a necklace or a pair of earrings can make or break an outfit. I always wear a stand-out necklace, so even if you feel your outfit is a little bland, having that necklace on is going to make you feel like a million dollars regardless.
Flats or heels?
I would have to go for heels I think. When I looked through my shoe collection, I realised that even though I don't own that many pairs of high heels, most of my shoes (even my boots) all have a slight heel on them. I really do think wearing, even little, heels really make an outfit (and the person) look amazing. Since heels make your legs look longer and slimmer, I always feel like I look much better once I put them on and I always feel I look much smarter too.

My questions are...

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
2. Do you prefer summer trends or autumn trends?
3. What item of make up couldn't you live without?
4. What is your signature scent?
5. Favourite clothing store?
6. Must-have beauty product?
7. Favourite lipstick?
8. Where would be your ultimate place to go on holiday, and why?
9. Why did you start blogging?
10. Who do you look up to? (Can be fashion idol, family etc)
11. Name your top 5 wardrobe essentials...

And I nominate....




  1. Love your answers! Would definitely get Louboutins too :)

    1. Thankyou!:) haha, yes every girl needs a pair!:)