Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | Review

Hey everyone!
So around 2-3 weeks ago I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz after hearing numerous of positive things about it and watching so many beauty videos with people using this product to define their eyebrows. I finally gave in, took the plunge and ordered it for myself. Since I've been using this for a while now so I feel like I can write a deep enough review on this product for you all:)
So I hope you enjoy!
I've took some before and after shots of my eyebrows so that you guys could see the actual difference between them after I defined my eyebrows.
(This is a pretty scary pic I know; I hate my eyebrows without them being defined...)
(This is them after I've used the product, so as you can see much-less scary haha!)
So as you can see it is a massive difference; the product amazingly just makes my eyebrows look thicker but at the same time natural in my opinion. Of course a LOT of people define their eyebrows nowadays, but I still like the illusion of 'are they her real brows?' not 'oh my god, they are so fake!' I absolutely love the way this product makes my eyebrows look.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find this product anywhere local to me, so I ordered this from the site 'Cult Beauty' and got it for the slightly pricey cost of £15.50. I usually wouldn't spend that much at all on an eyebrow pencil but now after seeing the results I totally think it was worth it. I purchased mine in the colour 'Brunette' but I was a tad worried afterwards because I just kept thinking it was going to look far too dark and unnatural, but as soon as I applied it and saw how my eyebrows looked, I was pleasantly surprised and relived.
So as you can see, the brow wiz has two sides to it; one side is the actual pencil itself and the other is the comb. I never used a comb before for my eyebrows, so at first I just assumed I would only use it once then never again, but now I use it every single time without fail. I couldn't believe how much of a difference it actually made to my eyebrows before the product was applied and afterwards. When I used it before, it gave my eyebrows a nice shape so that I could follow that with the pencil and then afterwards it helped spread the product through my brows and also get rid of some in case I added too much.
The pencil is super lovely too; it isn't so much a pencil, more like a crayon and it just applies so well. When applying I heard some tips that you should just sweep the crayon rather than draw it on like you would a pencil. You sweep very lightly as if applying little hairs in the gaps where you're lacking, and it looks so naturally defined.
The only down side to this product in my opinion is the fact that you can't actually tell when you're nearly running out because you have to twist the product to get the crayon out of the top. So I'm constantly worrying that one day I'll twist the lid and nothing will come out, so I think I'm going to need to buy another one pronto! But other than that, I honestly can't fault this product at all, it's done everything that I wanted it to do and more.
I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to try something new and is just fed up of their eyebrows not looking defined or looking way too defined.
I'm sure you could get this anywhere else as well, but I'd recommend 'Cult Beauty' highly because the product arrived fairly quickly and it was all carefully bubble wrapped, so I knew that it wasn't damaged at all.
I hope you found this review insightful and hopefully you'll give the product a try for yourself too:)
Thanks for reading!
Paige xo

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